TOEIC: Test of English for International Communication

Tip 1: Set a goal
If you are taking the test to apply for a job, find out what score is needed. Some jobs require a minimum score of 600.
Management jobs may require a higher score, such as 800.
Choose a goal that you can achieve.

Tip 2: Understand the test
Make sure you understand the format of each section. By practising tests, you will become very familiar with the TOEIC. The test should become “second nature” to you before you attempt the real thing.

Tip 3: Make a study plan
Procrastination is one of the key reasons students fail the TOEIC. The day you decide to take the TOEIC should be the day you start to study. Write down your study plan!

Tip 4: Divide study time appropriately
The TOEIC is divided into seven sections. Each section is worth a certain amount of points. Don’t spend too much time studying one section. Many students make the mistake of studying the section that they enjoy the most.

Tip 5: Build a strong vocabulary
Another reason students fail the TOEIC is that they have a very limited vocabulary. Remember that the TOEIC has a business theme. You should study vocabulary such as travel, banking, health, restaurants, offices, etc.

Tip 6: Isolate your weak points
After you have been studying the TOEIC for a while, you will find out which parts give you the most trouble. You might want to change how you divide your time.

Tip 7: Eliminate distractors
Every TOEIC question has at least two distractors (wrong answers to trick you). There are many types of distractor such as, similar sounds, homonyms, repeated words etc. Make a list of distractors so you recognize them more easily.

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